Foster Program

This “Foster Care Contract” is made on the date listed above by and between “Owner” and “Foster Parent” residing at the address listed above. This agreement is valid for any current or future animals (hereinafter “Pet”) in Foster Parent’s care on behalf of the Owner. The parties hereby agree to the following:


Upon signing this contract, Foster Parent will need to provide Owner with governmentissued photo ID and consent to a police report / background check (to ensure that Foster Parent has no record of dog or animal neglect or abuse).


Foster Parent shall accept and consider the Pet as a household companion, not as an outside pet, and will provide the Pet with a safe environment, humane treatment, and provide proper food, fresh water, shelter, and exercise. Foster Parent agrees this Pet will not be abused in any manner. The Pet will not be chained at any time, nor will it be permitted off the property of the Foster Parent unless accompanied by a mature individual. Pet shall not be used in any aspect of animal fighting. Pet shall not be the subject of or subjected to any biological, chemical, psychological, or other experiment.

b. Pet shall be allowed to sleep indoors and protected from the elements or adverse conditions. Pet shall not be housed or kept outside or in a yard. The Pet shall not be allowed to roam free or unsupervised outside.

c. Foster Parent shall immediately notify Owner if Pet is lost or stolen, and shall make every reasonable effort to recover the Pet.

d. Foster Parent shall not give up or sell the Pet to another person, relative, friend, or any other individual, or any rescue group, humane association, shelter, or adoption center unless pre- approved by Owner.
e. Foster Parent shall not under any circumstance give up or sell the Pet for any medical or experimental laboratory or any organization.
f. Foster Parent shall not alter the Pet’s appearance in any way, shape or form (e.g. cropping, docking).
g. Foster Parent permits O


a. Foster Parent must inform Owner when the Pet goes into the first heat cycle (the stage in a female dog’s reproductive cycle during which she becomes receptive to mating with males).
b. Once the Pet goes into the second heat cycle, Owner must be informed again.
c. Owner will then pick up the Pet and take it away for 4 months (2 months for pregnancy, and 2 months for raising the puppies).
d. Once the puppies are 8 weeks old, Owner will return the Pet to Foster Parent’s home until the next heat cycle.
e. The Pet will have 4 litters. After the Pet’s last litter, Foster Parent will have the option of adopting the Pet permanently (giving it a “forever home”), or the Owner will post the Pet up for sale.
f. Each time the Pet has a litter, the puppies are sold (if they live). After a puppy is sold, a
percentage of the proceeds will be given to the Foster Parent. This money is to be used for further care and treats for the Pet.
g. During the time of dog breeding, Owner will pay all the vet bills and dog food. Owner is not responsible for leashes, colour coats, or booties.


a. The Pet is meant to be a breeding dog. If Foster Parent decides to spay the Pet without Owner’s permission, the Foster Parent will need to provide a payment of CAD $6,000 to the Owner.
b. Foster Parent may not breed the dog by him/herself without Owner’s approval.
c. Owner will be in charge of scheduling and coordinating vet appointments, as well as transporting the Pet to and from appointments.
d. Owner will inform Foster Parent ahead of time regarding when the Pet will be picked up and
dropped to for vet appointments.
e. Foster Parent shall immediately notify Owner if the Pet suffers from any injury, illness, or death during the Foster Parent care period.


a. Owner will provide all the food needed for Pet. Owner will drop off 6 months’ worth of food at a time.


a. Foster Parent must attend at least one dog handling / puppy training class, and provide proof of this training attendance and completion.
b. Foster Parent must demonstrate ability to handle or train Pet as needed.
c. Owner shall not be held responsible or liable if the dog destroys any item or property
while living in Foster Parent’s home. It is up to the Foster Parent to train the Pet and


a. If Foster Parent can no longer care for Pet, Foster Parent shall notify Owner and make every effort to find a suitable Foster Parent or adoptive home for the pet. Owner will do everything possible to place the Pet accordingly. However, the Foster Parent understands that it may take time to find the Pet a sufficient home.
b. Foster Parent period will last until the Pet has 4 litters. After the Pet’s last litter, Foster
Parent will have the option of adopting the Pet permanently (giving it a “forever home”), or the Owner will post the Pet up for sale.
c. If Foster Parent decides to permanently adopt the Pet, Foster Parent shall notify Owner and upon approval, shall follow established adoption procedures including signing an Adoption Contract and paying the Pet’s adoption fee.
d. If Foster Parent finds a permanent / adoptive home for the Pet, Foster Parent shall
notify Owner and upon approval, shall follow established adoption procedures.


a. Owner makes no guarantees and/or promises regarding the Pet’s disposition, temperament, and/or future health and personality.
b. Foster Parent agrees to Foster Parent Pet at Foster Parent’s own risk, and indemnify and release Owner, its founder, board of directors, and volunteers of any and all liability arising from damages to person(s) or property caused by the Pet.


a. Foster Parent understands that during the Foster Parent period, Owner has ownership of Pet. Owner may recover Pet from Foster Parent at any time during the Foster Parent period.
b. In the event the Foster Parent does not comply with the terms of this contract, Owner may recover the pet. Promptly upon demand by Owner, the Foster Parent shall relinquish Pet to Owner.
c. At any time, if the Foster Parent is not able to take care of the Pet anymore or for a temporary period of time (e.g. if Foster Parent is sick), Foster Parent is to contact the Owner for Pet to be picked up. Example: if Foster Parent is sick and needs a few weeks to get better. The Owner will then pick up Pet until Foster Parent is healthy enough to continue taking care of Pet.
d. If Foster Parent wishes to terminate the contract at any time, Foster Parent is to inform the Owner and arrange a time for Owner to pick up the Pet and terminate the contract. The Foster Parent hereby acknowledges that they have read all of this Contract supplied by Owner. This Contract is governed by the laws of the Province of Ontario.