So, you are preparing to bring your new furbaby home. Congratulations! There are few things more exciting than the bounding joy of a puppy. With this joy also comes new responsibilities. Your puppy will want to explore every nook and chew on everything in sight, including you.

Your job as a newborn puppy parent is to support your furbaby’s every need, and teach him how to interact with the world around him. The sleepless nights and constant attention can be exhausting, but the puppy months are gone in a flash. Cherish every moment and take lots of selfies with your new best furiend. Before you know it, you’ll be celebrating your puppy’s first birthday!

Puppy Proof Your Home

Before you head out to pick up your puppy up from the humane society or breeder it is important to make sure your home is a safe environment for the baby. Puppy proofing the home is an important task to take care of before your puppy arrives. If puppies are consistently good at any one thing, it just might be wreaking havoc on your home 🙂 so make sure to be prepared with these quick tips:


Puppies are curious creatures, and your puppy will surely find a way into every nook and cranny of the home. Make sure that all toxins are locked up or placed out of reach. Some common threats include house cleaning products, medication, chocolate and coffee, rodent poisons, and even grapes!

Move Cords

I don’t know why, but the rubber on electric cords is simply delicious for teething puppies. Make sure to pick up any low hanging cords as your puppy may chew through them and could be at risk for electrocution.

Create a Puppy Play Area

Confining your puppy’s movement is the best way to keep him out of trouble. Before your puppy comes home make sure you have a clean and safe play area mapped out. You can use a puppy play pen or baby gate to dedicate a “puppy safe” zone.

Sharp Corners and Stairs

Your puppy is going to be a sweet sleeping beauty one minute and a raging lunatic the next. When those puppy zoomies kick in you want to make sure there aren’t sharp table corners or flights of stairs in the area that could cause the baby harm.

Pre-puppy Shopping List!

Let’s not kid ourselves, you’ve probably been meandering over to the dog aisle long before your newborn puppy is ready to come home. It is exciting, we know! Let’s just make sure that along with that adorable first outfit and collar you already picked out, that you also have the rest of the boxes checked so you are fully prepared upon your puppy’s arrival.

To Do List

  • - PupBox … obviously… (*All starred items included in PupBox)
  • - 6 ft. leash and collar
  • - Food and water bowl
  • -- Stuffable toy to keep your puppy busy (Kong or similar) *
  • - Soft rubber teething toy *
  • - Plush toy *
  • - Plush toy *
  • - Soft training treats *
  • - Puppy specific food targeted towards size or breed (ask your vet for recommendations)
  • - Pee spray and/or potty pads *
  • - Puppy crate with adjustable size wall
  • - Play pen/X pen
  • - Soft blanket for car ride home and use in crate

Making a Good First Impression

For the first time your puppy will be away from his mother, sisters and brothers. It won’t be an easy transition, but luckily your puppy has a great new and loving family to come home to. The new surroundings, and all of the new sights and smells that go along with it, can be a bit overwhelming.

Try to reduce your newborn puppy’s stress by turning your home into a safe and secure environment. Limit loud noises and try to spend as much time as possible with your newborn puppy. The first few days and weeks are critical when developing a lasting bond with your puppy, and this bond will last a lifetime!

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